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Hulu is the top on-demand streaming service, and this enables you to watch popular shows using your Roku streaming device. This is one affordable streaming service, and it consists of specific plans to stream what you want. Three plans are available, and they are:

Hulu with ads($5.99)

Hulu no ads($11.99)

Disney Plus Hulu with Ads($12.99)

Hulu + Live TV ($54.99)

The subscription process for Hulu is easy, and we provide you with line by line instructions. The Hulu streaming service is available on the Roku device, which you can download it from the Roku channel store and activate it via www.hulu.com/activate. Once after the subscription process, you can start with the activation process for the Hulu


How to Enter the Hulu Activation Code?


Step 1

Download and launch the Hulu app on your tv

Then open the app and choose the login

Step 2

Select the activate Hulu from computer option

After this step, you will be able to generate the channel activation code on the screen

Note the code for the future reference

Step 3

Surf to the hulu.com/activate site from the computer

You must process the steps by tapping on the sign-in option

Tap on the login to Hulu account

Choose either the activate your device or manager your devices

On the activate your device option you need to enter the Hulu activation code, and tap on the activate option

After some time your device will be activated with Hulu account, and your subscription also gets activated

If suppose you choose to manage your devices option, you can remove the device from the Hulu account.

If your device is activated, you will receive the prompt to access the device

Similarly, while you are processing the steps with the mobile device, you may not get the Hulu activation code. You can access the Hulu by providing your email and password. For this, you can surf to the www.hulu.com/activate site and process the steps.

How to Sign up for Hulu Account?

Proceed with the following steps to sign up for your Hulu account:

At first, open a new web browser and reach the Hulu sign up sit on your computer or mobile device.

After that, click the Start your Free Trial option to get into the next page

Secondly, pick a Hulu plan of your choice.

And it can be Hulu, Hulu no Ads, Hulu + Live TV or Hulu No Ads + Live TV.

Thirdly, provide the email address oy yours in the form and also provide the other details

Next, create a strong password for your account and give all your personal information.

Now, choose your payment option and enter your credit card details.

After the payment, you the account will be yours, and you are all set to download the app

How to Activate Hulu via www.hulu.com/activate on your Roku device?

Follow the guidelines below to download and activate the Hulu app via www.hulu.com/activate

Firstly, you must get the Roku home screen on your TV.

Give a press on the home button of your Roku remote.

Secondly, scroll to the left side of the screen and get into the streaming services destination

Look for the Hulu app among the popular streamers and get them.

If not found, go to the search bar and input the name of the channel as Hulu.

Get the Hulu app from the results and choose the app to download

Highlight the service and choose Add channel and press OK on the Roku remote. The Hulu app gets downloaded on your Roku device.


Return to the Roku home screen and check whether the app installation is complete. Check whether the app is available among your channel list.

Now, access the Hulu app and get the Hulu activation code on the TV screen.

After that, open a web browser and reach www.hulu.com/activate

In www.hulu.com/activate, enter the channel activation code without any mistakes

Finally, log in to your Hulu account and start with the activation process.

Now, you can begin watching all your favorite contents from Hulu on your big TV screen using Roku

Hulu vs Hulu Plus

On Hulu, you can only get the limited channels whereas, in Hulu plus, you can stream many tv shows, movies, and many latest series.

How to Activate Hulu plus?

If you wish to activate the Hulu plus you, need to upgrade your Hulu account and then via this process, you can activate and stream the Hulu plus content

Hulu Customer Help

If you face any issues and concerns while activating the Hulu on your device, you can reach out to our expert team to guide you. They can provide you with the tips and tricks to activate the account and help you to stream your favorite shows and movies on the Hulu. You can also get the support to activate Hulu on Roku and even on other streaming devices.

Common Hulu Problems

Activation code issue

The issue with upgrading or degrading the Hulu app subscription

Hulu app activation issue

Streaming issue

Audio and video issue while streaming the content


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